Rethinking Tech in
a Digital World


Star 26 supports our portfolio startups across multiple verticals utilizing DEMTECH’s 20+ years of experience. DEMTECH specializes in helping startups scale internationally into Europe and Latin America through direct and indirect sales channels.

  • Star 26 utilizes DEMTECH’s extensive global network to help their startups grow combining investment and scaling services
  • Through DEMTECH, Star 26 companies have access to sales and go-to-market consulting, recruitment and talent retention services, networking, and financial support
  • DEMTECH has access to corporates, financial institutions, banks, etc. where they can introduce our startup portfolio’s solutions and services to key clients to facilitate commercial relationships, strategic partnerships and alliances, pilots, and business deals


Star 26 partners with FinTech Connector, a global network that connects innovators and enablers in the global Fintech community. This extension allows our portfolio companies to increase brand awareness, involve ambassadors in different countries for local introductions, and create relationships with global corporations.

  • FinTech Connector expands our startups’ deal flow network with almost 4,000 members that give us access to a global network of 25,0000 people in the Fintech industry.
  • Star 26 works with FinTech Connector to identify startups while also looking for global synergies.
  • We utilize FinTech Connector members to offer our portfolio companies a global reach and source new companies
  • Through FinTech Connector events we promote and engage strategic relationships for our portfolio companies and invite them to participate to increase their awareness in the industry